For Teachers

Changes in learning methods made by smart learning

The smart learning systems recently introduced are developing into a learner-centered education environment which stimulates the following interaction types: [learner-learner], [learner-teacher] and [learner-learning program]. 
As past e-Learning systems using Internet videos become smarter on the basis of smart devices, they continue to evolve into the following forms: short-term learning content invigoration, simulation-based learning, SNS-based collaborative learning, and self-directed learning.

Programming education for non-specialists

Since programming actually uses the syntax and functions made up of English words, young students will be faced by two challenges, English and programming. This can be a major obstacle to having basic knowledge of programming. Therefore, some programming tools using Hangul are recently developed. There is also a significantly growing trend towards intuitive programming tools based on moving the mouse instead of hard-coding (a manually typing method). 
The authoring tool, SiCi, has modified the basic concepts of programming by expressing all the conditional statements and others in a native language instead of merely adopting the basic concepts. It enables young students to get used to programming easily by reducing the burden of the foreign language. As a result, their first experience of programming can be less burdensome.

SiCi’s educational goals

The SiCi tool will be used to help young students easily understand the principles of programming. The young students whose learning is based on the SiCi tool don’t necessarily become professional programmers. It will be highly valuable if the SiCi-based learning enables them to analytically solve various problems throughout their lifetimes by fostering their logical thinking and emotional growth.

SiCi’s Learning methods

Users can create various projects by using objects such as the I/O functions given by the SiCi tool and directly creatable actors after mastering SiCi’s basic instructions First, they can start with the Getting Started and Tutorial on our website. After that, they will be able to proceed with their advanced learning process through discussions on projects created by other users who have similar interests and are gathered in the Studio groups.

SiCi’s Teaching methods

There are SiCi training sessions for teachers. First, they also have to complete the basic learning process available on the website just like students. After that, they will become well equipped to teach a project by studying its similar projects with the corresponding user groups in the Studio groups.

In fact, teachers can initiate their education by opening their own classes, invite their students to the corresponding classes, and proceed with their classes online/offline in parallel. Teachers have to make their own lesson plans and examples suitable for their courses on the basis of references such as the Tutorial. Students will take their classes according to the given lesson plans. They will practice samples presented by their teachers and creating a new project using these samples to learn content authoring methods and the logic for the implementation of the project functions.

Teacher training courses and contact

Now offline training sessions for teachers are irregularly given in collaboration with the Seoul National University of Education. For further details about training schedules and sessions, please contact us via e-mail at