For Parents

Definition of SiCi

SiCi(Smart ideas for Creative interplay) is a creative environment of which high quality robot contents can be easily made without learning professional programming. It is a tool for STEAM education which enhances problem-solving ability and technical literacy in the process of designing and creating various ideas that remained in our imaginations by connecting them to PCs or smart devices. For adults, it can be a hobby as well as a fast Prototyping tool for verifying business ideas.

SiCi’s Aim of Educational Effects

The purpose of software and programming education for young students is not in nurturing all of them as programmers and engineers. Its value is in training solution derivation for various problems that the students will come across during the course of their lives by acquiring logical and structural ways of thinking to achieve necessary purposes. SiCi is a effective tool for learning logical and structural way of thinking by designing user's own game and story, without using programming language but using Production Rules which express knowledge.

Target Age Group

SiCi offers two levels of production processes. Simple creation using an upper stage that expresses contents to rules is possible for 8 years old and younger, and for 9 years old and older, utilizing the lower stage which creates and applies a new action is fairly reasonable.

SiCi’s Learning Method

SiCi can be learned with a teacher, but it can also be learned by oneself. After mastering the basic method for use through the website’s [Tutorial] and [Getting Started], a user can make a project single-handedly by oneself and share it with others by posting it on the website, and reversely, the user can download the project files of other users and familiarize with expressing various ideas by trying out what others made.

SiCi Related Field of Education

  • ● Development of problem-solving skill and logical thinking

    - The ability of logical thinking develops while creating complete SiCi contents because the production rule which expresses knowledge is used when designing contents.

  • ● Experience of physical interaction linked with a robot

    - Physical principles of the real world which are difficult to experience in virtual spaces such as velocity and force can be learned by interworking with the robots. The interest in robots can be developed into interests and knowledge in mechanic engineering and electronic engineering fields.

  • ● Learning the concept of computer programming

    - Although SiCi is not a professional programming educational tool, it contains the concepts of professional programming such as Boolean algebra, object (class) concept, precedence, use of variables, timer, etc. Therefore, the learner can easily convert to learning professional text-based programming.