Content Usage Guidelines

Content created by individuals and its usable range

The projects created freely by using the SiCi program can be posted and shared freely on the SiCi website. The nonprofit projects created by individuals can be shared and used freely as derivative works of the SiCi program.

The individual projects’ links can be stored in My Studio on the website if necessary, and the projects can be shared by users who have the same interests in the Studio groups.

The non-commercial projects directly created by individuals can be uploaded to the SiCi website, and they can obtain their basic copyrights by displaying each creation date and creator on the website. 

For further details about the copyrights on the commercial projects created by individuals, please contact us via e-mail at

Content created by companies and research institutes and its usage range

With the given content projects are created by companies and research institutes, if their purposes and results unlike those of the individual projects are proposed, their copyrights and usage ranges will be determined after separate consultation with REEL. However, when members of the companies or the research institutes wish to use the created content for their personal use or for SiCi testing purposes, then they will be considered as individual users described in Section 1.

Redistribution of derivative works and the acceptable range of their copyright

The derivative works are produced by modifying/transforming/adding the source codes of original projects created by other users and registered to the website. A derivative work can be protected and recognized as separate work only if it shows enough creativity with no substantial similarity compared to its original work. 

For further information about any dispute related to derivative works, please contact us via e-mail at

The development source codes available to developers

There have been other SiCi-based studies such as independent HW applications using SiCi. If you wish to proceed with research beyond the scope of content projects created by individuals or companies and research institutes through the website, you may need to request other development source codes than those given in the SiCi Application. 
IF REEL considers the request as necessary, it provides the corresponding development source codes for the developer. For further details, please contact us via e-mail at

Other collaboration guidance

Please contact us via e-mail at if you wish to proceed with development and business projects through partnerships with REEL including technical cooperation, industry-university collaboration, etc.